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PalmSens (http://www.palmsens.com)         

The aim of PalmSens is:

  • To provide developers and producers of electrochemical sensors with portable, battery powered or low-cost and fully programmable electronic devices. These devices can be modified according to specifications given by users.
  • To promote the use of electrochemical sensors outside dedicated laboratories, by supplying handheld instruments as well as specific electrochemical sensors.
  • To provide researchers with electrochemical instruments at reasonable costs.

BASI (http://www.basinc.com)         

BASi provides drug developers with superior scientific research and innovative analytical instrumentation, which saves time, saves money, and saves lives, to bring revolutionary new drugs to market quickly and safely.

eDAQ (http://www.edaq.com/)

eDAQ manufactures e-corder and PowerChrom data recording systems for electrochemistry, chromatography, flow analysis, contactless conductivity, sensor recording, HiRes EIS, teaching and research.

eDAQ data recording systems do not require programming, cards or switches. Just plug-and-play with USB connection to your computer! View screencasts of how to setup the equipment.

Our fully software-controlled potentiostats and pods (pH, conductivity, temperature, etc) can be used in conjunction with e-corder systems, as can many third party instruments and transducers.

Electrochemical Detectors (http://www.elektrochemicke-detektory.cz/)

ED, Ltd. Standard Offer includes ion selective electrodes, silver metal electrodes, platinum electrodes, glass pH electrodes, plastic bodied pH electrodes, reference electrodes, polarographic electrodes working, auxiliary, reference and combined ones, redox electrodes glass or plastic bodied, electrolytic conductivity sensors, dissolved oxygen and custom manufactured atypical electrodes. For application of the above mentioned sensors are offered auxiliary materials and accessories, as reference electrolytes, salt bridge solutions, calibration solutions, ionic strength and pH adjustors, storage and cleaning solutions, polishing kit for solid state polarographic electrodes, apparatus for measuring, renovation of ion selective electrodes, connecting cables with various commonly used connectors, electrodes with atypical dimensions for various measuring devices, ...

AMV (www.amvtechnics.cz)

We are concerned with complete development, production and service of our own special devices for Health Care in a line of infusion technology (syringe pumps, volumetric pumps, enteral pumps, etc), job-order production of high precision machine parts produced on lathe and milling 5 - axis CNC machines and complete batch production of special devices for chemical laboratories. Complementary production is composed of design and production of electronics and SW for direct-current stepping motors for special applications.

Probe Scientific (www.probescientific.com)

Probe Scientific is developing innovative products to solve clinical problems and improve healthcare. The company has a substantial product pipeline based on its proprietary technologies and is seeking to commercialise this range to simultaneously benefit clinicians and the community in general. Probe Scientific Ltd is a private company, founded in 1998 and is based in the West Midlands, UK.

Probe Scientific has grown steadily since its origins as a research organisation and has recently recruited experienced senior executives with a commercial focus.

Čerpadla Kouřil (http://www.cerpadlakouril.cz/)

Čerpadla Kouřil are manufacturers of metering pumps and dispensers. Company manufactures and supplies peristaltic metering pumps and dispensers with capacity up to 2 l / min. Pumps and dispensers are designed for pumping liquids in laboratories and production processes. They also supply accessories for peristaltic čepadla PCD (tubing, connectors ...)

Harlingen (http://www.harlingen.cz/)

We followed up seamlessly on the existing production program, particularly in the area of coiling, production of roll capacitors and hybrid integrated circuits, the beginnings of which date back to 1968.

C-Tech Innovations (https://www.ctechinnovation.com)

In 2019, BVT became a distributor of C-Tech Innovation's C-Flow product range. 

C-Flow is a range of electrochemical cells and systems produced by C-Tech Innovation, a specialist in electrochemical technology based in the UK. With 50 years’ experience in providing technology solutions and equipment, C-Tech has a deep institutional understanding of electrochemistry and the needs of re-searchers, engineers and technicians working in the field. Dissatisfied with the solutions currently on the market, C-Tech has poured those years of expertise into creating the equipment they wanted to use – the most versatile and easy-to-use electrochemical cells and systems in the world.